March 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Lauren!

Remember back in January when it was my BFF's birthday and I made her that really sweet video? (Read here.) Well, I'm a lucky gal because I actually have lots of fantastic friends and, in particular, two amazing BFFs - BFF Ashley of the January video, and BFF Lauren - and we're all turning 30 this year. To be honest, I've been absolutely wrecked that I'm missing all the celebrations and won't be spending my own 30th with my leading ladies (coming up on April 8...mark your calendars).

BFF Lauren's birthday is March 17 - St. Patrick's Day - and this girl LOVES a good party, so it's always been a big deal. In fact, we've always made any birthday a big celebration - coming up with fun plans, giving great gifts, visiting new places. In college, we would dress up in matching outfits or costumes and act even more ridiculous than on a normal night. After college, we've visited Chicago, she's flown out to San Francisco to surprise me, and we've scoured Etsy/CraftBlogs for the perfect gift to exchange. The fact is that, while Tom is wonderful and Lauren's boyfriend John is equally amazing - they aren't quite as in to birthdays as we are, so we look to each other to give us the birthday boost we need. All of our friends make birthdays a big deal, and it's been KILLING me to not be there for her's.

A few days ago, our friends, her family, and her boyfriend threw her a surprise party (she wasn't expecting her party for several days) with a Dynasty theme, and they surprised her with this video from me.

My awesome friend, Amy, took a video of Lauren watching the video I made her (confused yet?) and I could tell that she loved it! I have to admit that I'm super sad that I missed her party, and I cried watching the video of her watching the video because she (of the underactive tear ducts) actually cried watching it! Lauren is just one of those people who words doesn't do justice. You have to know her and to be the lucky recipient of her friendship to understand what a gift it is.

I never want to know what life is like without her - so I'll always value her friendship.

Note: She's also funnier than anyone I've ever met (even you).


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