March 15, 2013

A Koh Samed Refresh (Koh Samed, Thailand...and a bit of Bangkok)

After 3.5 months in India (India Wrap-Up post coming soon), we were in serious need of some wind-down time. Our biggest goal was to do nothing and to do it in the sun, on the beach, with a cocktail in-hand. So, on January 26, we flew to Bangkok, where we spent a few days in Bangkok with our friend, Jerome, who's British but has lived there for several years. He lives in a great corporate apartment in Sukhomvit neighborhood and we LOVED having our own room, a kitchen, air conditioning, a pool on the roof for a few days of R&R, and Hangover 2 jokes. While in Bangkok, we ran several errands and ate super tasty food, slept in, and arranged for our Burmese visa. Near Jerome's apartment, there's a shopping center where each floor is based on a famous world city. There are 2 San Francisco floors, and it nearly broke my heart in half to see the Golden Gate Bridge and the cable cars. 
Jerome and me

The Swains at the GGB

After 5 nights in Bangkok, we boarded a bus and headed towards Koh Samed - one of the closest islands to Bangkok. Our goal was to spend a few days loafing in the sun after India and before Burma. And we succeeded. There's not a lot to tell you about Koh Samed. We didn't do much. We basically just laid on the beach, swam in the tropical waters, and snuck rum from 7-Eleven into our fruit shakes. It was just what we needed!

Sadly, we only had 5 nights on Koh Samed, so we were soon gone and back to Bangkok. After a few more days in Bangkok, we jetted off to Burma! (Stay tuned.)

Check out all our pics from these few days Koh Samed (here). 

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