February 24, 2013

Dishonest Men in Mumbai (Maharashtra, India)

It feels kind of funny to write a blog post about Mumbai because we were barely there, but we have a few photos, so you get a (short) post! Lucky you!

India Gate, Mumbai

February 16, 2013

Romance in India (Udaipur, Rajasthan, India)

Though we had crossed off many Rajasthan destinations of our To Do list because we wanted to travel at a slow pace for our remaining time in India (Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bundi), we had known for awhile that we definitely wanted to visit Udaipur, which is lauded as India's most romantic city. Though most Rajasthan towns and cities are located around or near a lake (sometimes man-made), Udaipur's lake is one of the most beautiful, and the town surrounds its waters, creating an almost Venice-like feel. So, after our disappointing 4 nights at Ranthambore National Park (read here), we were looking forward to our time in Udaipur.

The first sign that things were going well was when we remembered that, remembering my night from hell in the budget-class sleeper car of a train (read here), we had booked A/C 3-Tier tickets for the overnight (8 hour) journey from Sawai Madhopur to Udaipur. When we got to the train station, we were exhausted and we boarded the train around midnight and found our way to our bunks in the dark (most of the other passengers already sleeping with their curtains drawn). We climbed into our bunks, covered up with the clean sheets, blankets and pillows provided, and both had an amazing night's sleep - no snoring, no vomiting, no crying babies, no singing neighbors - just us, catching some zzzzz's. Though A/C cars cost more, this level of comfort was definitely worth the extra few bucks and we congratulated ourselves on being geniuses (and because we knew that our next and last train ride was overnight from Udaipur to Mumbai and that we had booked A/C 2-Tier for that train ride). We arrived in Udaipur early in the morning, refreshed and ready to see the city and hired a very friendly rickshaw driver to take us to Nukkad Guest House, where we'd booked ahead of time. Though our room wasn't ready when we arrived (check-in isn't until 10am), we sat in the rooftop restaurant, admiring the lake view, having breakfast and taking advantage of the free WiFi. When we were showed to our room, we happily settled in for a quick nap and then spent the afternoon walking around our neighborhood (near the footbridge) and having dinner right on the water.

Dinner on the lake

February 14, 2013

More Like Rantham-boring! (Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, India)

When we asked one of our Indian friends back in San Francisco about the countries many parks he recommended Ranthambore National Park in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan. It's considered one of the best places in the world to view the wild Bengal tiger. At this point there are more Bengal tiger in captivity than exist in the wild. We really wanted to see a tiger but realized even if we didn't it would be nice to see other wildlife and get some fresh air- much needed after the polluted haze of Agra (read here).

We're on safari!

February 9, 2013

Burma Blogging Break

Hi All!

We're in Burma now and are absolutely in love with the people here. And, while it's true that the country has come a long way in modernizing (tourist busses, for one), the internet is still super slow. We can access Blogger to write posts, but the internet is too slow for us to upload photos, which is a bummer because we have all of our remaining India posts written and ready to share.

BUT - for now, we will have to put the blog on hold and we'll be back to you at the end of February with tons of updates! (Seriously, we have 7 more India posts and will have posts about our short stay in Ko Samed, Thailand, and about our 3.5 weeks in Burma ready for you.)

Hope to "see" you all in a few weeks!

Loose Of Limits

February 3, 2013

The Taj (Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India)

Obviously you can't spend 3 1/2 months in India and not go to the Taj Mahal, and we finally did in early January. Throughout our time in India we met so many other travelers who had visited Agra (the city where the Taj is located) in Uttar Pradesh, and picked their brains for their advice on the best way to visit this world landmark. In our 3 months in India, over and over, backpackers gave us the same advice: get to Agra, see the Taj, and get out. Everyone told us that Agra, other than having the Taj, was less-than-impressive. However, because of where we were coming from (Pushkar, read here and here) and where we were going next (Ranthambore National Park, coming soon), we knew we would actually be spending 2 nights in Agra.
Taj Mahal Sneak Peek