January 7, 2013

A Happy Birthday Wish!

We haven't had internet for awhile, so we're going to try to catch up on some posts quickly. A few days ago, my BFF, Ashley, turned 30 on January 4. Her awesome husband, threw her a surprise party and I was so sad not to be a part of the planning and celebration. I became desperate to find a way to participate from long distance. So I made her a video toast with pictures of us growing up together. I'm so lucky that she's been my BFF for nearly 20 years!

Click the image to watch the video!

I spoke to her while she was at her party (after the big surprise), and she sounded SO happy. Her sister, Michelle, flew in from Arizona to surprise her, tons of her friends and family came to the party, and she sounded as giddy as a little girl. It made me think about how much fun we had together when we actually were little girls and I missed her even more! So, a late, but sincere Happy 30th Birthday to my BFF, Ashley!

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