August 15, 2012

The Tom Haul

Last week, I shared the contents of my pack, and I expressed how incredibly over packing our bags I am. This is doubly true because I made most of the decisions regarding Tom's pack, too. This is good for both of us because, if Tom did the packing/planning, the inside of his bag would resemble a junk yard. Soon after we met and started living together, I had to relinquish the top drawer of our dresser and designate it as "Tom's Drawer." It's not for clothes or accessories. It's for crap. Reaching into that drawer could introduce you to a chewed piece of gum, a lost $50 bill, or a sharp poke in the finger from a safety pin. It's not safe. It's not sanitary. It's....Tom's Drawer. (The last few sentences, by the way, were verbalized in my head in Robin Leach's voice and would serve as the introduction to a segment on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous about Tom's eccentric habits of collecting used dental floss.) I'm not a super tidy person, but I desperately need everything to have a place it belongs, so Tom's Drawer gives me anxiety and I try to pretend it doesn't exist (except when I want money, in which case, it's a jackpot).

Just as I spent a lot of time researching for the contents of my bag, I spent a lot of time planning for Tom's bag as well. Each of us is carrying any belongings that are solely our own, as well as quite a bit of "communal" stuff. And here's Tom's bag, dumped out on our living room floor in horrible lighting.

And here's a pic of Tom in his pack. Isn't he cute?

You can see our full packing list on this page, where we've listed everything and will update it on what we add and what we toss.

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