July 24, 2012

A Hairy Situation...and an Update on Beatrice

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So...where were we?

Right - I was breaking down the contents of the various compartments in our backpacks and you were anxiously awaiting our next post. You can breathe a sigh of relief now...I have more packing info to share with you. You're welcome.

First, an update on this post from way back in January, when we first told all you peeps about our big adventure.

See, we both purchased the North Face Terra backpack. I got a 55 liter bag and Tom got a 65 liter bag. Compared to what a lot of people carry (sometimes up to 85 liters), we thought this was pretty drastic. We were happy with our decision. I named mine Beatrice, after Best In Show, because the color was Weimaraner Brown, and Tom struggled to come up with something clever. But, it seems that my extreme planning and packing prowess has paid off because, now that we have all the supplies we need for the trip, we realized that we had lots of room left in our packs. We both like the North Face Terra, so we set out to find smaller versions of it but, apparently, these are less common sizes and it took a lot of effort to track them down. Eventually, I was able to find a 45 Liter Terra in Weimaraner Brown which preserves my nicknaming skills, and Tom found a 55 Liter Terra in Black. That's 20 fewer liters we have to shove crap that we don't need. I think we're going to be pros at this backpacking bizness. Seriously (patting self on back). Aren't they beauties?


Okay, on to more about what's in our bag. In these posts (here, and here), we told you a bit about the various medical supplies we're taking. Admittedly, this is probably the area where I've gone the most overboard. I just can't help it. There's so little about this adventure that we're controlling - and I like it that way. But I need to know that I've got the meds and supplies I need if I get sick/injured/itchy/sunburnt/etc... So this bag is extensive. Check it out:

Clockwise, from top left: Adventure Medical Ultralight and Watertight Kit (has bandaids, medical tape, splinter tweezers, gauze, antiseptic, etc...); Emergen-C Immune Defense Drink Mixes, Super Orange; Prescriptions of: Small amount of Hydrocodone (for back injuries), Doxycycline (anti-malaria meds), Motion Sickness meds, Ciproflaxacin (traveler's diarrhea), Azithromycin (traveler's diarrhea in India and Thailand, where the bacteria strains are immune to Cipro and also for flu/bronchitis/etc),  Small amount of Diazepam (generic Valium, also for back injuries); Boiron Homeopathic Apis  Mellifica (insect bites), Arsenicum Album (traveler's diarrhea), Histaminum Hydrochloricum (allergies), Belladonna (fever), Coffea Cruda (sleeplessness), Arnica Montana (muscle soreness); Small amount of Prescription Zolpidem (generic Ambien) for plane travel and jetlag (in a smaller bottle to save space); Drip Drop Hydration Powder (for dehydration and traveler's diarrhea); Pepto Bismol Chewable TabletsAdvil; Tums; Boiron Arnicare Gel (bruising, swelling, muscle soreness)Boiron Calendula Ointment (burns, scrapes, skin irritations); 3 prescriptions for Diflucan and Boiron Yeastaway (yeast infections caused by the Doxycycline); Imodium AD (in a smaller bottle to save space); Triple antibiotic ointment with pain relief; Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointment (skin irritations and bruising)

Crazy, right? I just can't help it. And it actually packs up pretty small. I'm sure you noticed that there are a lot of meds to treat a certain affliction (ahem...traveler's diarrhea), and I'm sorry to bring up such an un-ladylike topic on the blog but, looking ahead at our travels and considering our love for street food, we are guessing it's only a matter of time and, thus, have planned accordingly. A gastrointestinal surgeon told me that, as long as we chew up 2 Pepto Bismol tablets before we eat something horrible and then have 2 more that night, that we could completely avoid Delhi Belly. We'll see.

Next up: hair supplies. You may remember Haikus to my Hairdryer where I waxed poetic pathetic about my limp and lifeless hair and the future distance between me and my hairdryer and my curling iron. Apparently, my sad sonnets struck a chord with my friend, Stephanie (aka Stokes) at The Impatient Traveller, because she wrote me an awesome email about how important it is to not forget to "pack yourself" on a trip like this. If taking an eyelash curler makes you feel like "you," then you should take it. She's awesome. Seriously. And, while I'm not packing a blow dryer, I did research and buy a teeny tiny curling iron. Because, sometimes, curling my hair a bit makes me feel special...it makes me feel more "me"... So, here's my hair bag. (That sounds disgusting, doesn't it?)

Clockwise, from top left: Wide-tooth comb; Hair Pick; Sock Bun holder; 2 samples of Unite Leave-In Conditioner, Bobby Pins, Snap clips, and Jaw Clips; Conair MiniPro Ceramic Curling Iron; Carabiners loaded with hair ties

Stay tuned for a full rundown of what's in our bags! You're excited, right?

Update: Stokes at The Impatient Traveller just posted her entire, thoughtful email to me on her blog. Read it for yourself...I swear she is wise beyond her 30 21 years. Also - if, at any time, Tom complains about the beauty supplies I packed, I can blame it on Stokes.

Update from 8/8/12: After re-evaluating, we've removed the Arnicare gel from the first aid bag, added a thermometer, and switched all Rx drugs to small bags to save space. 


  1. Wow Wow! I am really glad you broke down and are bringing the curling iron. I would have to do that too and I feel better knowing I am not the only one.

    1. I have a feeling I'll end up throwing it out...but I was just getting sad thinking that my hair was going to be in a flat ponytail for an entire year. I'm already giving up heels and eyeliner!