August 29, 2012

This Is Really Happening...

We've had our going away party. I've had freak outs. I've cancelled the Internet and handled our finances. Friends are rifling through our refrigerated/frozen/dry goods (which I call the Swain Market). I only have a few more boxes to pack. The storage pod gets delivered tomorrow. We hand over the keys to our subletter on Friday. We leave on Sunday morning. The U.S. portion of The Trip is about to begin. This is really happening.

And this is what my living room looks like.

Sorry posts have been light the past week or so. I'm dealing with all the final details and I think my head might explode. Tom had his first "holy crap" moment today, which felt oddly comforting since I've been having one long "holy crap" moment for the past 2 weeks. It's about time he joined me.

I'll try to get another post up before we leave. And, if not, I'll talk to you from the road. Wow.

I'm so, so, SO excited. I can't even explain it. Wow.


  1. Is that a mannequin? Is that a skirt on the mannequin?
    I'm impressed with you organization.
    Job well done!

    1. It IS a mannequin! Her name is Judy. We found her years ago and she's been party of the family since then. Stephanie, Tom, and Judy...adventurers! Unfortunately, she can't come on the trip with us, so she'll spend the next year in a storage pod...unless you want to keep her. ;) Great to see you and Steve this week!