September 5, 2022

We're at it Again

It's been awhile, hasn't it?

Over ten years ago, we started this blog to chronicle our 13 months of traveling in India, Southeast Asia, and Southern Africa. The internet wasn't what it is today, so we were always behind on getting our blog posts up because we rarely had reliable Wifi. And we never even ended up posting about our time in Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. 

We also didn't chronicle the even bigger adventures—Louisa, born in 2016; and Frank, born in 2018. (And our pup, Manley, who we adopted in 2015.) After our trip, we settled back into San Francisco, changed our careers, got a dog, had a baby, moved to Portland, Oregon, bought a house, had another baby, renovated that house, changed jobs again, and weathered a pandemic. 

And right now? We're in Mérida, Mexico, where we moved only 12 days ago.

The preparation for this move was considerable. The emotions have been all over the place. The logistics were daunting. Our time here so far has been challenging at times—stories coming up about getting electrocuted, our house flooding, and Manley killing a tarantula in our house. But it's mostly been surprisingly wonderful—the kids' new school, an action-filled city, day trips to beautiful beaches, the beginnings of new friendships. And we want to remember all of it, so we fired up the old blog.

In the next few weeks, we hope to: update the blog's navigation and theme, give some background on our move, and share some updates about life so far. Maybe we'll even tell you about that time we drove a camper truck into a bridge in Johannesburg, South Africa, back in 2013. 

Until then, have some ice cream.

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