September 9, 2022

Our First Home in Mérida

When Tom and I were here in June, our main priority was finding a school for the kids. We didn't look for a house, so we tried to sort that out after we got back to Portland. We kept our home in Portland (which we own), and are renting it out. And we plan to rent in Mérida until we have a better idea of our long-term plans.

Back in Portland, we weren't super excited about committing to a long-term rental house in Mérida without seeing it in person, so we found a short-term rental in a neighborhood we were familiar with, and we moved in here when we arrived.

We'll only be here until late October. Then, we move into our long-term rental. Our current house is really special. It's an old Spanish colonial with the original pasta tiles and beautiful Mayan art throughout. We feel really happy here, even though it probably wouldn't suit us long-term. 

Here's our current house, Casa de la Artesania. (And yes, there's a whole lot of Catholicism up in this house, which we could definitely do without. But we're trying to view it more as art than as dogmatic religious artifacts.)

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