December 26, 2012

A Loose Of Limits Christmas!

Happy Christmas from Pushkar, Rajasthan, India!

While we had our first strong pangs of homesickness this week, we managed to make the best of Christmas in this holy Hindu town.  Pushkar is very devout, so alcohol and meat are banned (even eggs!). I was still recovering from being sick, so we laid pretty low. We took a walk around town, did a bit of shopping for each other, decorated our "tree," opened presents, had dinner, and watched a movie on our laptop in bed.

You'll hear more about Pushkar soon, but, for now, here are a few pics of our small Christmas celebration.

Our Christmas "tree" was really a potted plant from the hotel lobby that we decorated with my earrings and bead necklaces! We used a wool sock as Tom's stocking, and a sport sock as mine! Material scraps and a sarong doubled as wrapping paper!
First gift of the night - Christmas ornament from
Rajasthan with camels on it - so we'll always remember!

Tom opening his stocking (chocolates and oranges)

White marble mortar and pestle!

Throw pillow!

Sterling silver and Lapis earrings!

Camel Leather bag

Glass mosaic lamp shade

*not pictured: small painting by a local artist for Tom and some ceramic, hand-painted drawer pulls for me!

We are missing our friends and family this Christmas and want to thank you all for your support during our year of travel. We love you all very much and hope you have all had a very Happy Holiday!

With love,
The Swains


  1. Did you mail a lot of what you purchased in India back to San Francisco? Or are you traveling with it?
    -Rebecca, American expat you met in Koh Samed.

    1. Hi Rebecca! We sent everything back to the states (Tom's sister, my BFF, and our very good friends in SF are holding things for us). We just have our backpacks, so we have to travel light, but there have been so many things we've loved and HAD to purchase along the way! Send me an email at so I have your info!