May 24, 2013

Sunny Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Why am I writing all the blog posts? Because Tom is the laziest blogger EVER! No - really it's because all of his computer time has been consumed with planning our African safari (read here), which is a lot of work. So I'm giving him a free pass and catching up on our travel adventures.

After our quick departure from Kampot, Cambodia (read here), we decided to head to the beach. In my opinion, any travel woes or dips in enthusiasm can be cured with a few things: 1) White sand, 2) Crystal clear water, 3) Beach massages, 4) Fresh fruit cocktails, 5) Having your husband say you look hot in a bikini. With that in mind, we hopped a bus bound for Sihanoukville, Cambodia, also known as Kampong Saom. We decided to stay on Otres Beach and found a great little beach hut.

Oh hello beautiful water!
Home Sweet Home

There's not a lot to say about our time in Sihanoukville because we didn't do a lot. You know what we did? We sat on the beach and stared at the beautiful sea. We drank fruit smoothies. We got ridiculously good massages by a local woman We went to bed early. We woke up and did it all again. And, THAT, my dear friends, is how awesome our life is right now.

Tom gets a beach massage at sunset

Beachside mani/pedi!
Sihanoukville was our last stop in Cambodia before we crossed the border into Vietnam, and it was a great way to end our time there. Stay tuned for a Cambodia round-up!

Check out all of our Sihanoukville pics here. A few more faves are below.

Heng, the little Beach Bracelet Hustler. Sweetest cute ever

Tom played about 40 games of Tic Tac Toe with Heng in order to score a "deal" on the bracelets

Inside our tiny hut
Seriously Sexy Swain

Check out all of our Sihanoukville pics here.


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