February 9, 2013

Burma Blogging Break

Hi All!

We're in Burma now and are absolutely in love with the people here. And, while it's true that the country has come a long way in modernizing (tourist busses, for one), the internet is still super slow. We can access Blogger to write posts, but the internet is too slow for us to upload photos, which is a bummer because we have all of our remaining India posts written and ready to share.

BUT - for now, we will have to put the blog on hold and we'll be back to you at the end of February with tons of updates! (Seriously, we have 7 more India posts and will have posts about our short stay in Ko Samed, Thailand, and about our 3.5 weeks in Burma ready for you.)

Hope to "see" you all in a few weeks!

Loose Of Limits

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