November 1, 2012


This post is long overdue (and Steph has been on me to get on with it), and I agree, it needs to be said.

Our cross country road trip (Read those posts here), took a month and a half, and we spent the last 4 weeks staying with friends and family - from Colorado all the way to Connecticut, and down to North Carolina. We spent nights in 14 different homes, and shared breakfasts, dinners and drinks (sometimes accompanied by a hangover) with many others. Beginning with our going away party in San Francisco, and each time we were moving on to another place, a big topic in the car (which logged 4,800 miles) was how lucky we are to have such amazing people in our lives. (A very small, incomplete sampling below...)

So many of our friends and family have been excited and positive about our trip. We weren't seeking approval for this trip (which we know shocked some of you), but your excitement reaffirmed our decision. It may not seem like a lot, but the support of our friends and family helped ease our anxiety. Even people who may not want to take this type of trip, or go to the places we are traveling were excited and supportive of us. We were even given a few bon voyage gifts - things that were certainly not necessary, but incredibly appreciated. This is our thank you to everyone in our life who has been so supportive: Our SF friends over the past year who understood we were only available for cheap eats, BBQs, and 2-for-1 specials; friends and family members across the country who shared their homes with us, shared/cooked/bought us meals, gave us encouragement and support; and to everyone who thinks this trip is interesting enough to read about.


We promise that the next time you want to do something crazy, we'll buy you a beer and congratulate you.

Off to India with the support of our family and friends

Check out all our pics on our Flickr page - from the roadtrip and from our life in San Francisco - here!

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