May 12, 2012

The Last Time....(Just a quick thought)

We're less than 4 months from leaving SF for The Trip, and I keep finding myself thinking things like, "This is probably the last time I'll buy dish soap before we leave," or, "I wonder if this olive oil will last until we leave or if I'll need to buy it one last time," and, "This is probably the last time I'll wear these boots until we get back."

It's very exciting, but I'm already sad about when I'll be thinking, "This is the last pizza/cheeseburger/martini I'll have for awhile." And don't even get me started on the long, forced absence from decent wine... Depressing, huh?

And a bigger part of me is worried about when I start to think that about our friends... "This is the last time we'll see Russ and Cee and Leon for a year!" We're not there yet (we'll see them many more times this summer), but in time, it will be the last time...and we'll miss everyone.

It's a good thing Tom and I actually like each other a lot.

Our "Last Supper" before The Trip will include wine (like Jesus') and pizza (like South Park's).

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